Argh pc fucksy grr ness etcetera.

My pc is fucksy. It is full of wrongness. I haven’t posted much anywhere, haven’t been able to comment on my favourite blogs and so on, because at any time, without warning, crash, it chucks me off, it deletes my email/post/whatever.Just thought I should say so…Of course this happens when I am supposed to be […]

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Searching for the dazzle.

I approach things in an optimistic fashion I think. When I pick up a book to read, or settle down to watch a film or TV show, or play music, I am hoping to be absorbed and delighted. I want it to be great, really, that’s what I am rooting for.It seems ages since I […]

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Veronica Mars.

Just about the only thing bringing me joy right now is Veronica Mars. Living have been repeating series 1 and 2 daily for the last few weeks, and it is ultra delicious. The writing is uber snappy and funny, but there are also those quiet vulnerable moments too. I think the actors are doing a […]

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Book tokens competition.

I read about this over at Danuta Kean’s blog (link on right). National Book Tokens launch Not Yet Published, a literary prize exclusively for booksellers. The Not Yet Published prize celebrates National Book Tokens 75th anniversary and long association with the book trade. Inspired by Man Booker nominees Sarah Waters and David Mitchell, who were […]

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Oh for fucks sake…

There was an article in yesterday’s Independent by Frances Wilson entitled “True romance – private lives of the lady novelists.” It begins with the line “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman in pursuit of a literary career will never find happiness with a husband, particularly if she writes about love.”Per-lease.The next sentence […]

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What is the point?

I have several short story ideas bubbling around. Plus of course, my novel is always in my head (never on the page, such fear!) The two email fiction things I did have broken my inertia a little. I sat down yesterday to write, and instead of one of the story ideas I have been brewing […]

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