Pulp event

I will be reading short stories tomorrow night as part of a free Pulp Net event in Piccadilly. Details are here at Lane Ashfeldt's blog, where she is also asking for "ideas for how Pulp Net might usefully regenerate in the future, from your point of view…"I would love to see Pulp emerge stronger than ever.... Continue Reading →

I’m not listening!

I went to the Small Wonder short story festival on Sunday. I had my first internet meet too! Vanessa Gebbie (whose on-line writing forum I am a member of) and Elizabeth (another forum member) picked me up at Lewes station and we returned to Vanessa's for lunch. I have to admit I was nervous about... Continue Reading →

Searching for the dazzle.

I approach things in an optimistic fashion I think. When I pick up a book to read, or settle down to watch a film or TV show, or play music, I am hoping to be absorbed and delighted. I want it to be great, really, that's what I am rooting for.It seems ages since I... Continue Reading →

A bit of what you fancy.

Reading. It's ace right? Never a chore to sit with a book. (Except, hmmm, when it is a chore. Which would be, say, when reading up for work or a course or something.) I adore reading. Of course. However right now, I just can't find anything that I want to read at all.This is ultra... Continue Reading →

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