Searching for the dazzle.

I approach things in an optimistic fashion I think. When I pick up a book to read, or settle down to watch a film or TV show, or play music, I am hoping to be absorbed and delighted. I want it to be great, really, that’s what I am rooting for.
It seems ages since I have been dazzled. Even with the decent stuff I start out thinking ooh, this is good, which peters out into, well, it’s not so bad, before it finishes and I think, oh.
Veronica Mars ( yeah, on and on I go about VM) was great, I was impressed throughout by plot, dialogue, acting, dammit, I even liked the clothes! But that’s it. That’s the sum total of me being impressed this year so far. Sigh.
So what is that about? Am I old and jaded and way too fussy, is there a dearth of dazzle, is it my hormones?
Every book of short stories at work seem to come with some proclamation that this author is the best writer of his/her generation, and is endorsed by x, y and z authors who all agree that here is rare talent. And I flip open the book and read blah stories that leave me cold. I don’t know what I am looking for but I’ll know it when I see it. I can’t write it either, it’s what I want to write and read and watch and hear, for now it is utterly elusive.

(Actually, it probably sounds a bit like Beth Ditto, and reads like Janice Galloway’s “The trick is to keep breathing” and looks like Veronica Mars…seen it anywhere?)

Barenaked ladies are men.

I have added a little Ace Music doo dah over there on the right. Click it, go on… I did have the option of setting it to play automatically but I thought that could quickly get tiresome. However, I like it, and as it is promoting my favourite band I am happy to have it there, for now.

It is a beautiful live version of “Maybe you’re right” from their latest album “Barenaked Ladies are Me.”
They are an amazingly talented band, much misunderstood. It pisses me off that many view them as a kind of novelty act, remembered for their biggest hit “One week”. In truth they are a cynical and depressive bunch of guys, but they wrap their caustic wit in layers of sparkling pop/rock and gorgeous harmonies. Smart and bitterly funny, able to free style and dance, elequont, sincere, political, caring, Eco friendly and just darn hawt! Plus they have set up their own “Desperation records”. So indie! How can you resist?

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Mike Patton ~ Peeping Tom

Ooh, the new album is so gooood!

He is on record as saying that this is his pop album. Hmmm, it’s not quite pop, but is certainly his most accessible record since his FNM days. The album feels very familiar, even though I have only played it a few times. I think that’s possibly because vocally it’s very Faith No More era Patton, and that was my soundtrack for , ooh, years. Speaking as someone who adores his eclectic musicianship it is also something of a relief to not have to listen to grunting burp sounds (yup, I was one of those people who actually bought “Adult themes for voice”, the sound of a guy in a hotel room farting out noises.)
I like Tomahawk, I like Mr Bungle, I love FNM, unsure about Fantomas despite Dave Lombardo drummy god!, and I love this…it’s boppy, funky, groovy. He apparently collaborated with all these people without meeting them which is odd, but you really couldn’t tell. Smooth. Hurrah!

Oh, and lyrics such as these:

“And I know that assholes grow on trees
But I’m here to trim the leaves
And I’m afraid
That you’re still my friend
You’re just a piece of shit
I can overlook it today
Coz you’re still my friend

(So don’t even trip)
Drop that gun you ain’t my fucking hero
You think it’s cool to be a fucking zero “

Are so much fun to sing along with in a jaunty summery way after dropping the boys off at school and fake smiling at the horrid playround mums.

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