Why you can take your "You must write every day" advice and shove it…

I think some people are born story tellers whether they choose to write them down (type them up) or not. I told stories before I could read, and after I could read I would sit on my swing and tell my “Jackanory” stories to the pretend camera that filmed me. I was a great gossip […]

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Not writing, just being.

I haven’t written for a few weeks. I should never stop, stopping fucks me up. It was my twins 11th birthdays so I spent time shopping, wrapping, baking a disastrous cake, and my parents stayed for a few days, then it it was half term. School started back this week but my husband has been […]

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Struggling, not writing, grief

I don’t know if I should write this or not.  I pretty much keep feeling that. I have so many thoughts and emotions spilling out of me because Matt has died that I clamp my lips shut and don’t speak at all. I am nervous what may pour out, I can’t distinguish between what must stay private and what […]

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I know I have been super crappy at updating lately, but dear blog, it’s not personal, everything has been on hold. It’s just one of those times when things collide: ill health, family needs, holidays, and things to do, always things to do. It has been pretty gloomy actually, but today the sun shone a […]

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That January feeling.

People seem in general to be a bit grumpy arse!I put it down to the after Christmas blues, winter weather, nothing much to look forward to and so on. Apparently today is the day that more people book holidays on than any other. Carrot/stick. The boys went back to school today, protesting very loudly. Which […]

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This is how it goes…

This writing I do is not all I am, it is a massive part of me, and without it I feel wrong, but it is not all. I have children, a husband, work, parents, friends, relatives. There are many demands on my time and I squish the writing into spaces in-between. Sometimes the spaces are […]

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This is my head.

Blah blah, here I am, feeling like a big fat fake.I’m not a writer. Writer’s write. I’m not writing. Well, why don’t I finish that story about the old woman?Because I am stuck, even though I know the ending not even I am interested enough to bother.What about the “mirror” themed story for yet another […]

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