Argh pc fucksy grr ness etcetera.

My pc is fucksy. It is full of wrongness. I haven’t posted much anywhere, haven’t been able to comment on my favourite blogs and so on, because at any time, without warning, crash, it chucks me off, it deletes my email/post/whatever.
Just thought I should say so…
Of course this happens when I am supposed to be really concentrating on my attempted entry to the NYP Bookseller comp. Le sigh. I can’t write direct to pc in case it snaffles it, instead I am scrawling longhand on various ripped out bits of paper, and trying to convince myself that somehow they will come together and become a cohesive and wonderful whole.
(I know, I could use any one of my gazillion notebooks, but when i sit with a book open it seems to scare my words away. I have to wait for them to rush into my head and trap them like a scurrying spider, quickly, plop, on any old paper to hand.)

Oh dear, I fear I’m writing utter shite.

2 thoughts on “Argh pc fucksy grr ness etcetera.”

  1. Oh dear. Sorry to read about your pc being full of wrongness. Let’s hope you will be able to drain the wrongness away and fill up with rightness.

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