Searching for the dazzle.

I approach things in an optimistic fashion I think. When I pick up a book to read, or settle down to watch a film or TV show, or play music, I am hoping to be absorbed and delighted. I want it to be great, really, that’s what I am rooting for.
It seems ages since I have been dazzled. Even with the decent stuff I start out thinking ooh, this is good, which peters out into, well, it’s not so bad, before it finishes and I think, oh.
Veronica Mars ( yeah, on and on I go about VM) was great, I was impressed throughout by plot, dialogue, acting, dammit, I even liked the clothes! But that’s it. That’s the sum total of me being impressed this year so far. Sigh.
So what is that about? Am I old and jaded and way too fussy, is there a dearth of dazzle, is it my hormones?
Every book of short stories at work seem to come with some proclamation that this author is the best writer of his/her generation, and is endorsed by x, y and z authors who all agree that here is rare talent. And I flip open the book and read blah stories that leave me cold. I don’t know what I am looking for but I’ll know it when I see it. I can’t write it either, it’s what I want to write and read and watch and hear, for now it is utterly elusive.

(Actually, it probably sounds a bit like Beth Ditto, and reads like Janice Galloway’s “The trick is to keep breathing” and looks like Veronica Mars…seen it anywhere?)

6 thoughts on “Searching for the dazzle.”

  1. Don’t I know exactly how you feel? Oh yeah. I ain’t been dazzled by much lately either. I was really excited to receive a copy of a much-lauded book of short stories that had won a major award recently. Hmm, well. Big disappointment. No dazzle. Ok, dazzle in one story. That doth not a great collection make. And no, there isn’t much dazzling on screens big and small right now either. All my favourite TV shows get cancelled because the quirky audience I belong to who look for something higher than the lowest common denominator doesn’t pull much weight with the TV companies and their ad buyers. Everything I love gets cancelled (Joan of Arcadia, Huff….) And now they are making blatant copies of old shows (Men in Trees = Northern Exposure + Anne Heche – wonderful writing and acting).Moan, moan, whinge whinge. I gotta thank you though, because now I am addicted to Veronica Mars. Am half way through Season 1. Thanks very much! I try and look at it as research into good writing, yeah right!

  2. I used to love Northern Exposure… you know there was even a N.E cookbook, and I always wondered what that would be like!So…Veronica! You like?

  3. N E cookbook? No! I must find it. Moose stew, I bet. I am busy collecting the series on DVD although its way too expensive when they first come out. I wait a while and then look on eBay.I am really enjoying Veronica. I really didn’t think teen high school detective would do it for me, but it’s such good writing, I really like it. I’m ill today, just a cold, and I watched three episodes!Wanna join us for a prompt writing session next Sunday morning, UK time?

  4. Tania I didn’t think I’d like VM either, I was sure it was going to be sub standard Buffy lite, but oooh no. Three in one day seems to be standard addictive behaviour! But has Logan made you swoon yet?Let me know if you do find the cookbook!Yes, I’m happy to join you on Sunday morning, what time?misty, hello, yup, NE was such a quirky and charming show wasn’t it? On a different tack completely though The Apprentice starts tomorrow and that is also must see telly to me!

  5. the effusive superlatives heaped on everything in order to sell it these days are getting laughable…it’s the same with music…you hear that so and so is the most exciting and original thing to ever play and record..the new beatles-pistols-velvets-happy mondays-fill-in-the-blank, easily the most innovative and radical such and such ever….and then when you hear it it’s the blandest and most insipid thing….i think the sales pitch rather over eggs the pudn a lot at the moment….and pointelessly, as well…you’re only going to be disappointed by such might be more dazzled had it not been so oversold at source….mama

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