Veronica Mars.

Just about the only thing bringing me joy right now is Veronica Mars. Living have been repeating series 1 and 2 daily for the last few weeks, and it is ultra delicious. The writing is uber snappy and funny, but there are also those quiet vulnerable moments too. I think the actors are doing a really good job, and yeah, I want to be Veronica and snog Logan, sigh. The great thing about the show is the way it has an amazingly complex story arc, and it doesn’t fuck up with it ever. I am a huge Buffy and Angel fan, Joss is my man, I came to VM with a huge amount of scepticism. I thought it would be Buffy lite and I’d hate it. But no, I LOVE it. I read today that Joss Whedon said it was the ” Best. Show. Ever. Seriously, I’ve never gotten more wrapped up in a show I wasn’t making, and maybe even more than those. Crazy crisp dialogue. Incredibly tight plotting. Big emotion, I mean BIG, and charismatic actors and I was just DYING from the mystery and the relationships and PAIN” (caps all his.)
So now I feel vindicated in my adoration. In fact JW guest starred in the episode I watched last night, and I didn’t realise until afterwards.
Anyhoo, I have been finding books fairly disappointing recently, I haven’t reviewed what I have read because I don’t want to just slag off somebody’s hard work. I’m working to the adage if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing so I’m keeping schtum about my feelings towards several current hot novels. They were all dull. If only one could transfer some of that VM magic onto paper, whoo, that’d be ace. But how hard is it to write characters as complicated as Logan? I honestly don’t know if it is possible. All I can say is that amidst my pile of notes for my novel is a line saying “VM and the year long story arc.”

4 thoughts on “Veronica Mars.”

  1. Dear Crack Pusher,The past 48 hrs? 15hrs at work12 hrs random (eating, talking, shopping READING)12hrs Veronica Mars9 1/2 hrs sleepI need to sleep. Sadly the need to watch more VM seems to over-ride all common sense. There should be more Weevil.jules

  2. The boy is always ready to create mayhem for VM – it’s sweet, and he loves his grandma. The hidden vulnerability concerning his love of Lily, his odd code of honour – it’s all fun to watch! Of course it may be the motorcycle 😉 Logan is growing on me by the hour but I still haven’t warmed up to Duncan. I want her dad to be my dad.jules

  3. Oh I want her dad to be my dad too, he’s just so adorable. Duncan still hasn’t grown on me, I think he’s the one flaw in an otherwise perfect group. Yeah, Weevil is bad, but you know he has a big heart too. Bless.

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