In the absence of anything better:

I wrote a big blog post review and then realised the book I'm reviewing isn't published until 2011 and it seems pointlessly premature to post. So, in the absence of anything better, I have decided to do one of those hahait'ssofunnyhowpeoplefindmyblog posts. I always like them. Which sounds sarcastic but isn't - I really always... Continue Reading →

Erm, new bloggy look Part 2!

Sorry. I've changed again. The book spines in the background were bugging me. I'm way happier with the new design (from the delicious Yummy Lolly site.)I'm ill, again. Still. Pyoderma Gangrenosum may be Nodular Vasculitis and I've been on antibiotics then steroids to try to reduce the inflammation. I have a chest infection so they... Continue Reading →

New bloggy look

I've dispensed with the cocktail shakers and retro orangey stars. I've ditched the trim 50's typist. False advertising and all that. (The reality is I'm a fat, fucked off, po-faced bitch.)Thoughts on the new look? I was aiming for clear and simple. It's the words that matter.


I have a new blog theme and I really like it. (If you're reading this in a reader please click thru and admire the shiny new!) Hurray. However, being a techy doofus I thought I had saved all my links but hadn't, so if you were there and aren't now could you let me know... Continue Reading →

Bitching about subs yet again

Why is it ok to say "Don't contact us to see where we're at with your sub until after 4 months - then feel free to query if we have misplaced it."What the fuck is that about?It's like saying, send in your writing, we may or may not read it, don't dare bug us though... Continue Reading →

Brilliant post by Jenn Ashworth

I read this today over at Every Day I Lie A Little. MA in 'Creative' Writing.I am starting a MA in creative writing. You can apply for it by emailing me and if I accept you, you will be allowed to drink my tea at my house and do all the modules. It will cost £3085... Continue Reading →

Simultaneous submissions

There is a post at Literary Rejections On Display regarding the policy that many literary magazines have on not accepting simultaneous submissions. It is something I have been pondering now that I'm trying to be proactive and get my fiction out into the big wide world.I am quite obedient, so when I see the rules of subs... Continue Reading →

This is from…

This is from Chicken and Piesand comes viaDay of moustachesDespondancyI am wiped out and tired. It has been one of those long days at home that I hate. There has been raining and sleeting. The patterns are squashed against my windows. One of those long days at home and alone that I hate. There is very... Continue Reading →

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