Vanessa Gebbie’s competition.

Vanessa Gebbie has put up details of a competition that she is hosting on her site.


I’ll give a £25.00 PRIZE to the best short story inspired by Alison Dunne’s poem, How to Build a Man.

It must be unpublished, your own work, and under 1250 words.

The winner will be published on here for a week or two. Then I’ll take it down if the writer wants.

Closing date: Monday 2nd April.

Post your stories here, by posting a comment. They won’t appear immediately… as I moderate the posts. But all stories posted will appear, and be readable by everyone, so long as they dont contravene any blogger rules, and so long as they seem serious entries…whenever I manage to get to a computer during the next week. You can also post comments on the stories.

You can post as many entries as you like. Those who work hardest have more chances to win. Seems fair, doesn’t it?

If you don’t like the idea of posting here, you can email the entries to me

vrgebbie AT aol DOT com

Passs the word round. Or alternatively, if you want more chances of winning, don’t pass the word round, and write twenty stories yourself.

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