What is the point?

I have several short story ideas bubbling around. Plus of course, my novel is always in my head (never on the page, such fear!) The two email fiction things I did have broken my inertia a little. I sat down yesterday to write, and instead of one of the story ideas I have been brewing something entirely different came out. Or at least, half of a story came out. I have no clue what to do with it, the whole thing seems rather pointless, not in a woe is me what is the point way, more a what the fuck is the story then way? Hmmm. I have a character, who has a flirtation with a work colleague that we follow over the course of a few work do’s. My title is so far “Six work do’s” although that’s a guess. So far we have had 3 of the do’s. I know that there has to be at least a fourth and fifth. And I can’t think of any climax at all. Ho hum, I suppose it’s a writing exercise and at least I am pulling words out of somewhere and sticking them down.

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