At least ten things I’m feeling right now…

1) A bit wobbly. A bit fragile. A bit concerned that I’m never going to be as good as I want to be.

2) A bit sick.

3) Baffled by some of the utter mediocre tripe that gets published. (I always feel like this, so it’s not news.)

4) Hormonal and teary (that’s my excuse for boo hooing over Brendan and Lisa in Strictly!)

5) Irritated by the fact that nobody asks silly X-factor Diana why she sings in a faux oirish accent when she is NOT IRISH! (My twins insist I watch this with them, we compromise with me watching the sky plussed programme on Sunday so I can whizz through.)

6) Pissed off with all the hateful using, schmoozing, back stabby, sucking up/slagging off that goes on even in my tiny amateur writers world.

7) Delighted for Tania Hershman who is the European regional winner of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association’s short story competition. Whoo hoo Tania!

8) Addicted to lots of word games on Face book that are potentially very time wastey. (Word Twist and Path Words in particular!)

9) Happy with my new upgraded MacBook.

10) Disappointed with myself always, for not being better/thinner/kinder/smarter/more prolific/more talented/and so on ad infinitum.

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9 thoughts on “At least ten things I’m feeling right now…”

  1. Sara, I am so happy that one of the ten things involved me and a Woohoo, no-one woohoos like you! I totally get the “disappointed with myself always, for not being better/thinner/kinder/smarter/more prolific/more talented/and so on ad infinitum.” Been there. Visit there often. Funnily enough, in terms of thinner, at the retreat there is a wardrobe with a full length mirror. I never look in one at home, only looking at parts of myself at a time. Full length actually helps me see the whole me, and makes me feel somewhat better. Strange.Hope the wobbliness passes soon, it comes in waves, I find, ups and downs. Just got to ride through it.

  2. Oooh, you are being hard on yourself. We all go there. Hope it passes soon. (((hug)))I agree with the Diana thing. I’d never thought of it as a faux-Irish accent (just deeply irritating), but you’re right. HOW is she still there??!!

  3. Thank you Tania, Vanessa, Pierre and wrw for being very lovely. WRW – Diana is infuriating isn’t she! Glad I’m not alone.Thanks to Bob too, not quite so lovely (chins! humph!) though.dogzplot – I used to love scramble, but it’s word twist and path words that are really gripping me at the mo!

  4. If you find the solution to (10) can you let me know? I’d pay good money for it. Although don’t you worry about the prolific thing – you’re all about the quality m’dear.

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