The Collector of Shiny

I have a tiny story up at Every Day Fiction, it’s called The Collector of Shiny, and is a rare attempt at a love story. It is customary on that site for people to vote/rate the stories, and perhaps leave a comment too, so if anyone feels so inclined that would be appreciated.

6 thoughts on “The Collector of Shiny”

  1. Very Raymond Carver”ish” (“inclined toward brevity and intensity”).I enjoyed its calm manic quality; to reach a point that even the hedge needs to go is an attempt to match the emotional intensity of the situation.The roots go deep between these two people as well :)25/11/08 14:31

  2. Nik – cheers, I really appreciate you commenting.angelictenderbutton (nice name!) Thank you so much. I’m really very chuffed now!Hurrah!

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