Mac is back!

Well thank goodness my Mac is back. It has been upgraded to Leopard too, so, every cloud etc. It is, however, entirely empty. I am choosing to regard this as fortuitous. I have had my desk cleared, my notebooks thrown away. All those scraps of paper, all the scribbles and jottings and half baked ideas, tossed away. All the rubbish is gone. If any of it had been that good I would have noticed I am sure.

I have to reinstall Word tomorrow, and then off we go!

7 thoughts on “Mac is back!”

  1. Hi SarahYour experience with the Mac has made me nervous too. Just like you I back up my novels, but there’s so much else that I just don’t. Now that you are on leopard, look out for a utility called Time Machine. Some of my friends use it and absolutely swear by it.CheersFarahad.

  2. Hurray!!! And ’tis true, Leopard is a thing of clever loveliness! (I have a Leopard handbook you can borrow to get started if you like? It’s a work one, otherwise I’d just give you it, but if you’re interested I recommend the Peach Pit Press book.) I only use a MacBook occassionally, but it’s just beautiful. The dictionary tool is nice.

  3. Hi Farahad. It’s scary stuff huh? Back up back up back up! Time Machine does sound good, thanks for the tip. I have to buy an external hard drive. But anyway, far more importantly, I sold your novel for the first time last week! You must be so thrilled. It’s everywhere; Richard and Judy, Daily Mail Bookclub, Waterstones 3 for 2, wow, seriously wow! Kellie, thanks for the offer, I think i”ll have a look at work tomorrow and see if we have a copy. Every cloud does have a silver lining as the upgrade now means I have stacks which are rather beautiful!

  4. Thanks for letting me know. Litro has had a face lift, and they have cleared the archives it seems. Humph! Anyway, they still have it on their blog, so I have changed the link. Cheers.

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