Remembering Matt

Matt has been dead thirteen years today. This piece was published eleven years ago. We collaborated on a blog and wanted to do more writing together but ran out of time. After his death I used some of his words as prompts. I’m thinking of him today, and often, and sending love to all who […]

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I can’t think of a title for this post so I’m going with – shit, how can it be eleven years since Matt died?

I’ve been thinking about Matt a lot recently and I feel so lucky that I have a whole bunch of his words to read. His writing was as precise, smart and funny as he was in person, so it’s a conjuring trick of sorts – I can magic him back for a while. I have […]

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Ghost trees

I visited the University of Oxford Botanic Gardens on Friday. This wonderful tree, a Davidia involucrata – informally known as a handkerchief tree, a dove tree, or a ghost tree, because of its beautiful white “bracts” which flutter in the breeze – is in full bloom, and truly a glorious sight. Last night, when I couldn’t sleep, […]

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It’s hard to believe that there have been five years without Matt. I’m lucky, he’s still in my heart, and my head, I can read his words and listen to his music, I can still conjure him, but damn, he’s missed. This is track 7 from his album Evenings of Ordinary Sand – 15 Yayli […]

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Cindytalk "Hold Everything Dear"

Cindytalk’s new album – Hold Everything Dear – has been released. You can read reviews, and listen to sound clips here.  These are beautiful, shimmering musics – ripe with melancholy and strange other worldliness. Cindytalk is Gordon Sharp, and he has a long and wondrous musical history – (here is his wiki page and here is Cindytalk’s site). […]

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Matt Kinnison

Matt died three years ago today. It seems a long time and no time at all. I have a glass of bubbly wine and I am toasting Matt and all who miss him. His friend Andie posted this track on her facebook page in memory of him – it’s a track that Matt wrote for Cindytalk […]

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Sweeties Like Radioactive Worms

I have a thing published at Beat The Dust. It is called “Sweeties like radioactive worms” and is the fictionalised account of the real life death of the author of the coffee reviews and recipe it contains. Regular readers here will guess that my co-author is Matt Kinnison. I’m really pleased that Melissa Mann decided to […]

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Stories at Neon Magazine

                            (Image from Neon Magazine issue 23) When Matt died I somewhat inevitably found myself writing about grief. Not as straightforward reportage, rather I wrote tiny, odd flashes of misery and loss. Three pieces in particular seem to belong together despite their differences. […]

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Matt Kinnison

It is two years today since Matt died. Crummy kinda day. I send love out to Matt’s friends and family.  I have a few flash fictions forthcoming in Neon Magazine that I have written in memory of Matt and I had hoped that some magic would come into play and they would be published in […]

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