Smash Lits with Aaron Burch

I published Aaron Burch’s CNF The Idea of it All at this week at The Forge. I love how this tiny piece builds, how poignant it is. And I got to interview Aaron too. 1) What would your superhero power be? So, I have this lesson plan built around this This American Life segment about flight vs. […]

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Smash Lits with Angela Readman

I was delighted to publish a wonderful flash by Angela Readman at The Forge – you can read A Quiet Like This here. And she kindly took part in an interview too. 1) What is your superpower? I can make anything & anyone smell of loads and loads of garlic. Think about, I can make […]

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Smash Lits with Jennifer Todhunter

The Levitation is a brilliant one-sentence story by Jennifer Todhunter – do read it. Jennifer also took part in one of my Smash Lits interviews. (I so agree about the peanuts and chocolate thing.) 1) What is your favourite cheese? Cambazola. 2) Bacon VS Tofu—who wins? Why? Bacon-wrapped tofu. They’re both winners in my book. […]

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Smash Lits with Sam Asher

I published a terrific story by Sam Asher this week. It’s called Fish Food and you can read it at The Forge. I also had the pleasure of interviewing him. Seriously, his answer re: his phobia is still making me smile. 1) What is your favourite fish? My instinct was to look for some kind […]

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Smash Lits with Rose Andersen

I published Rose Andersen’s wonderful nonfiction flash – “Dating Profile” over at FLM. Do give it a read. And I interviewed her too. She has excellent taste in TV detectives and swear words. 1) What is your favourite biscuit? A just warmed chocolate chip cookie. (I am assuming that biscuit in this case is what us […]

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Smash Lits with Joy Lanzendorfer

I selected Joy Lanzendorfer’s excellent Flash piece “Sleep Disturbance” for publication at FLM & Joy was good enough to take part in this interview.  1) What is your default pub/bar drink? A dry gin martini with a twist. 2) Do you have a poster/picture on your wall? Describe it. Yes, I have this Onward poster by the […]

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