Tagged twice in one day, so it’s mememememememe

I was tagged by Kirsty at Other Stories.

These are her rules:

  • Link to the person that tagged you – i.e. me.
  • Post the rules on your blog.
  • Write six random things about you in a blog post.
  • Tag six people in your post.
  • Let each person know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Let the tagger know your entry is up.
So, being obedient here are my six random things.
1 – The first concert I ever went to was Barry Manilow at The Royal Albert Hall. 
2 – BBQ is my favoured flavour, and at the moment I am particularly partial to BBQ Snack-a-Jacks.
3 – I saw a ghost about six weeks ago, but because I don’t believe in ghosts I am trying not to think about it.
4 – I find it hard to write random facts about myself.
5 – I recently wore a different perfume for the first time in fifteen years (I usually wear Penhaligan’s Bluebell but bought Valentino’s Rock and Rose, crap name, rather lovely scent.) 
6 – I will never drive.
Right, so I tag six people and they will be:
On to memememememe 2
1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

Okay…hmm, well the nearest book is not one that I am reading as that is upstairs by my bed, and there’s another in the bathroom. Taking this incredibly literally I walk to my bookcase and pick up the book closest:

Granta – Best of British Novelists 2003 (I do have more current editions, but they aren’t so near.)

The Costa Pool Bums by Alan Warner

Page 123, fifth sentence says:

 “We leaned forward in the sky as the undercarriage and full flaps were rammed down. Our engine whined smartly and floated us briefly upwards.

The hazy air now revealed the uniform, dull sheen of the deep black Mediterranean visible between the drooped flaps; sun glazed the aluminium wing, its central wing duller and doubtless cheaper to produce than the frictionless boss of the dazzling leading edge.”

Which leads to yet more tagging.
I’m going to tag Pierre L, who doesn’t use his blog I don’t think? If he chooses he can post in the comments here (no escape!)

(Three K’s, has to be Kool, hahahah etc)

7 thoughts on “Tagged twice in one day, so it’s mememememememe”

  1. Hello Sara. After much dithering (most of the day, in fact), I am going to follow the rules strictly. The problem is that the nearest book belongs to my adult son rather than to me; it about a foot away from the keyboard and looks interesting (I think I’m going to start reading it…).So to page 123 of “Lullaby” by Chuck Palahniuk: “The dead flowers are shoved aside, and scattered on the coffee table are clusters of sparkling pink and smooth gold, cool white pearls and carved blue lapis lazuli. Other clusters glow orange and yellow. Other piles shine silver and white.”I do indeed have a Blogger login (which is useful for blogs which don’t accept anonymous comments), but I never started a blog – I don’t feel I have enough interesting ideas to feed a blog.I shall skip the “tag five people”, but I shall visit the other people you have tagged (I already read Tania and Vanessa regularly).Thank you for sharing your random facts, and telling us about your reading habits. Most of my books are also upstairs near my bed, but I do have a copy of the French edition of “Gods Behaving Badly” nearby (I shall probably end up reading that before I read the original signed copy I bought on the first night).

  2. Mark – I fell in love with Barry there and then, had posters on the wall, the lot! People who got to know me later find it very amusing. Shakespeare’s sister is definitely more credible!Vanessa – they are for nowt, but sometimes they are fun.pierre – thank you for joining in! Ooh, Chuck can be very nasty, apparently one story made people faint when he read it (tho’ I suspect that is a load of hype and not much else!)Oh, and secretly, I began reading God’s… but I didn’t like it…

  3. OK, for fun, then, (with no ‘chain’, Im afraid!) here’s mine.Its the Fish Anthology 2007, a story by Linda Evans called Normal Service Will be Resumed Shortly (runner up in the Fish Knife Award.)”You been in a scrap, Pete?”He’s not big on talking Pete. Instead he starts eating the sausage sandwich, holding it with both hands and putting his elbows on the table. “Pete?”did I pass?

  4. I shall do this! You know how crap I am at updating though, so don’t hold your breath. Rest assured that my answers will of course be well worth the wait!**Subject to change.

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