Mike Patton ~ Peeping Tom

Ooh, the new album is so gooood!


He is on record as saying that this is his pop album. Hmmm, it’s not quite pop, but is certainly his most accessible record since his FNM days. The album feels very familiar, even though I have only played it a few times. I think that’s possibly because vocally it’s very Faith No More era Patton, and that was my soundtrack for , ooh, years. Speaking as someone who adores his eclectic musicianship it is also something of a relief to not have to listen to grunting burp sounds (yup, I was one of those people who actually bought “Adult themes for voice”, the sound of a guy in a hotel room farting out noises.)
I like Tomahawk, I like Mr Bungle, I love FNM, unsure about Fantomas despite Dave Lombardo drummy god!, and I love this…it’s boppy, funky, groovy. He apparently collaborated with all these people without meeting them which is odd, but you really couldn’t tell. Smooth. Hurrah!

Oh, and lyrics such as these:

“And I know that assholes grow on trees
But I’m here to trim the leaves
And I’m afraid
That you’re still my friend
You’re just a piece of shit
I can overlook it today
Coz you’re still my friend

(So don’t even trip)
Drop that gun you ain’t my fucking hero
You think it’s cool to be a fucking zero “

Are so much fun to sing along with in a jaunty summery way after dropping the boys off at school and fake smiling at the horrid playround mums.

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5 thoughts on “Mike Patton ~ Peeping Tom”

  1. Anyone who knows The Bookseller to the Stars will know what a mad and crazy FNM fan he is, I am still awaiting with baited breath the reformation. That band kept alive through school. lol.. I didn’t buy adult themes but I did get that really inaccessible Bungle album which was just a cacophony of noise and then they had this really pretty song at the end called Merry Go Bye Bye which was just awesome….Oh, I could talk all day about this band… xx

  2. Yay! Another fan! FNM were superb and have influenced so many other bands, although nobody has come close to their special brand of genius in my opinion. I would love for them to reform, with big sick Jim Martin too. I have had the pleasure of seeing them live on a fair few occasions, and whooo, such shows. Every time, enormous energy and wit and full on musicianship. I think he’s a very under rated vocalist, plus I think he’s hot!You like Courtney Love too don’t you? So we share some musical tastes. I am eagerly awaiting her diaries…they’re due this Autumn?

  3. Yes… the diaries are coming in due course and I am interviewing her mother, Linda Carroll for my blog real soon! I may leave it to coincide with her English release of the book, its out in the states, its very good, we just got it in from Baker and Taylor, its called “Her Mother’s Daughter”I was going to review the book for my company’s magazine based on my 15year obsession but I think there is a strict embargo on it so am not doing it now.I have met Courtney a couple of times and she is fucking mental. I have loved FNM since The Real Thing days and I really want them to reform, I dont think it will ever happen with Jim Martin though. That was a great tour though I saw them at Phoenix 95 and Sheffield.

  4. You have met Courtney?Wow! How? Wow! (poetry eh?)Isn’t she really mad at her mother for writing this book? I think I read a very bitchy article fairly recently which ripped into her mum for it.No, I don’t think Jim Martin will ever play with them again either.

  5. yeah I spoke to Linda about that. The Observer, she said that they were nice to her face and weren’t very nice in the article.I think its a great book and doesn’t slag courtney off, its very honest and as a fan of courtney’s I was pleased to read such a great insight into someone who can be quite guarded and secretive about her past as much as she rambles in code about it. I’m trying to persuade publishers here to put it out. Yeah Courtney was mad as a hamster and on the second meeting she remembered me from the first (5 years previous) which was nice. Hoping to see her again soon, they are bringing her over for the launch I think. Big Central London signing etc….Man, are we a couple of geeks? xx

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