Rejection, dejection and stupid submissions.

I received a rejection letter from The British Council. It’s odd but I am used to submitting online and then hearing via email if I have been successful or not. I have so far been fortunate enough to have a fairly good success to submission ratio. To get a letter saying no was quite a downer.

Now I have submitted a story to QWF and once again I seem to find the rules of submitting beyond me. I am self taught on my PC, and I muddle along rather than have any natural understanding. The rules of entry were strict and stated that all pages must carry the title of the story, but not the author name. I dutifully inserted a header on each page. It had to be double space, of course, and a certain length, yup, and failure to comply will result in disqualification. Oh. It had to be emailed, so I emailed from word. Then I checked Outlook Express just to see that it had gone. Sure had. With the headers removed and sent as an attachment. Fuck! That’s when I recalled that I should cut and paste to Outlook Express, not mail from word.
Oh well. Too late now.

I am also working on a story for the “Asham award”. By working on I mean that I have a vague notion and have written a paragraph preferring instead to munch on mini poppadoms and surf around various trashy forums proclaiming my feelings on this years big Brother.

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