Grrr argh

So I have been writing a story as my entry to the Asham award. If I want to submit it I’ll have to post it tomorrow. Only it’s not finished. I think it could be really good, with a lot more work. However, it is perfect for the Asham (I think). So, do I hold on to it and rewrite and keep it for some other thing, or do I stay up all night and finish and send?
Bearing in mind that it costs £10 to enter I’m thinking that a piece I’m not delighted with is like pissing cash away. It needs to be strong. Sigh.
And now the boys have broken up for Summer hols there will be precious little writing time until September. The one niggle that I have about not sending it is that I have almost (coincidentally) written it just for the Asham. I’m not sure where else it would fit. Certainly nowhere so prestigious. But, hey, shit’s shit , and if it’s shit…

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