Smash Lits with Angela Readman

I was delighted to publish a wonderful flash by Angela Readman at The Forge - you can read A Quiet Like This here. And she kindly took part in an interview too. 1) What is your superpower? I can make anything & anyone smell of loads and loads of garlic. Think about, I can make... Continue Reading →

Smash Lits with Joy Lanzendorfer

I selected Joy Lanzendorfer's excellent Flash piece "Sleep Disturbance" for publication at FLM & Joy was good enough to take part in this interview.  1) What is your default pub/bar drink? A dry gin martini with a twist. 2) Do you have a poster/picture on your wall? Describe it. Yes, I have this Onward poster by the... Continue Reading →

Smash Lits with Kelly Griffiths

We published a powerful piece of creative non-fiction at the Forge last week - The Boots by Kelly Griffiths - which I urge you all to read. Kelly kindly agreed to take part in one of my daft interviews. 1. What was the last text you sent? “Thank you, Gabe. You saved the day.” (My 13-year-old... Continue Reading →

Smash Lits with Jane Flett

I published a superb short story - Shadow Puppetry over at The Forge Literary Magazine.  Please do read it; it's one of our nominations for the Pushcart Prize and is something special. Thank you Jane Flett for taking part in one of my Smash Lits interviews.     1) How do you organise your bookshelves? Alphabetically and... Continue Reading →

Smash Lits with Tigele Nlebesi

We published a really good piece of non-fiction at The Forge Literary Magazine this week: Black Girls in Upscale Boutiques by Tigele Nlebesi. I think you'll agree that last line is a killer. Thanks Tigele for agreeing to do a Smash Lits interview with me. 1)  You are wallpaper. What is your pattern? A friend of mine... Continue Reading →

Smash Lits with Megan Rowe

I recently published a wonderful flash by Megan Rowe at The Forge Literary Magazine; Communion. Do give it a read. Megan kindly agreed to take part in one of my Smash Lits interviews. 1) You are wallpaper. What is your pattern?  Definitely a Damask pattern. When my son was first born, I lived with my... Continue Reading →

Lane Ashfeldt, SaltWater, Smash Lits

At the heart of a good story collection is damn fine story-telling, something that SaltWater is chock full of. Lane Ashfeldt writes with a keen sense of place, setting her prize winning tales in Dublin, West Cork, London, Greece, New Zealand and Haiti. She is launching her collection at Waterstones Brighton at 7:30pm on Monday... Continue Reading →


This is Nik Perring - and this is his new book -   Published by Roastbooks it's gorgeous and different. It looks like a children's picture alphabet book, except A is not for Apple, it's for Appalachian, and F is not for Frog, but Fuck. Each word has been collected by Nik because he finds... Continue Reading →

Someone Else’s Skin by Sarah Hilary

Sarah Hilary’s Someone Else’s Skin is published on the 27th of this month (by Headline) and it’s a stonkingly good read. I don’t usually read crime fiction, but I do enjoy watching TV detective shows, as does Sarah. (I know this because we have tweeted each other about our love of “Cho time” in The... Continue Reading →

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