Smash Lits with Tigele Nlebesi

We published a really good piece of non-fiction at The Forge Literary Magazine this week: Black Girls in Upscale Boutiques by Tigele Nlebesi. I think you'll agree that last line is a killer. Thanks Tigele for agreeing to do a Smash Lits interview with me. 1)  You are wallpaper. What is your pattern? A friend of mine... Continue Reading →


This is Nik Perring - and this is his new book -   Published by Roastbooks it's gorgeous and different. It looks like a children's picture alphabet book, except A is not for Apple, it's for Appalachian, and F is not for Frog, but Fuck. Each word has been collected by Nik because he finds... Continue Reading →

Smash Lits

I enjoy reading writer blogs and interviews, and I like to review and interview other writers here. There are, however, a LOT of blog tours and review sites. The challenge is to keep things fresh. I was wondering how I could mix things up a bit and remembered that my very favourite interviews were always the... Continue Reading →

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