Beautiful Trees by Nik Perring

Roast Books have just published another of Nik Perring's intriguing fictions. It's the second in a trilogy of stories following the lives of Alexander, Lucy and Lily. Just like the first, Beautiful Words, it resembles a children's book. (The third will be Beautiful Shapes.) Nik is a flash fiction magician conjuring whole lives with small, careful details. He goes... Continue Reading →


This is Nik Perring - and this is his new book -   Published by Roastbooks it's gorgeous and different. It looks like a children's picture alphabet book, except A is not for Apple, it's for Appalachian, and F is not for Frog, but Fuck. Each word has been collected by Nik because he finds... Continue Reading →

Freaky Friday

I'm a fan of Nik Perring's tiny fictions ( see here for my review of his debut, "Not So Perfect") so was happy to hear that he has just published another collection, this time in collaboration with the totally ace Caroline Smailes:Their press release explains, "Over fifty freaks and misfits feature in this unforgettable book.... Continue Reading →

Review of Nik Perring’s Not So Perfect

I "know" Nik Perring from the online bloggy world, but I don't "know" him at all. We aren't friends, tho' he seems like a nice guy from his twitter feed and his blog. We have mutual writing pals but we've never emailed or met or spoken or gone beyond commenting on each others tweets/blogs. I wasn't offered... Continue Reading →

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