Smash Lits

I enjoy reading writer blogs and interviews, and I like to review and interview other writers here. There are, however, a LOT of blog tours and review sites. The challenge is to keep things fresh. I was wondering how I could mix things up a bit and remembered that my very favourite interviews were always the Smash Hits biscuit tin ones. It was fun, it told the reader something daft and unexpected, it didn’t take itself seriously. So, I am introducing Smash Lits – my own version with an occasional literary twist.

I have a batch of questions good to go, and a line up of cool writers who have agreed to take part.

If you can think of any questions you might like to see added to the mix please do comment. If you are a writer who fancies giving it a whirl let me know.

My first interview is with Dan Powell and will be up here next Thursday 27th.

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