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wigleaf – woot woot!

I have a tiny thing up at wigleaf – Prayer for a Daughter – and one of those postcards too (which sounds snarkier now than when I wrote it. Funny how words can change when you’re not looking at them.)

I rather adore wigleaf so am chuffed.


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  1. Wow, Sara, that was incredibly strong when you first wrote it but you've developed it haven't you? Not a word out of place. I actually cried and then lauged all in the space of that one paragraph. You are magnificent, woman. Bloody magnificent! (As is Wigleaf – fitting home.) That's a classic piece. It will become quoted worldwide.xxxx

  2. Congratulations, Sara, on Wigleaf and on this work. That last line in Prayer for a Daughter is so well done and powerful. And the prayer card, just great. Brava.

  3. You are one formidable woman/writer, Sara – congratulations!

  4. Wonderful, this is such a powerful flash, I remember it from when you wrote it, and it's even better! Congrats, wigleaf is a hard one to crack!!


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