Tiny things

My teeny story “Glimmer” is in a new magazine called “What the Dickens” – you can read it here, alongside words by Kirsty Logan, Angela Readman and Sandy East (amongst others).

I like wigleaf very much. It’s the coolest, smartest lit kid on the block. They just tweeted “Pre-written Facebook statuses (to save people time): “I’m rich!” “I’m smart!” “I play with the big boys!” “I’m talented!” “I’m important!””
Hee hee.

I feel the need to mention Pan Am. It’s clearly a Mad Men wannabe with no substance and nowhere near as much style as it wishes it had. I have to watch though because – Donna from Neighbours! Also, what the fuck is Christina Ricci doing? She seems to be channeling Betty Boop. 

In other bad telly news I am persevering with The Ringer purely because, y’know, she was Buffy. It reminds me of Sunset Beach in both a good and bad way. Also it seems clear that Sarah Michelle Gellar is not so great an actress but Whedon is such a genius it wasn’t a problem.


Kathy Fish, Wigleaf, Swicks Rule

I read Swicks Rule by Kathy Fish over at Wigleaf today. Loved it. I have read a fair few stories by Kathy Fish, and they each have an indefinable something about them that makes me really enjoy. I’m gonna use a very crap analogy now, sorry, but if the story is a car, then Ms Fish is the smoothest, safest, most confident driver you have ever had.

Pondering more on why I rate this flash so highly, I think it’s because it is a perfect example of showing not telling, and it’s in the tiny details. I came away from it thinking, wow, now that’s how to tell a story.

So, um, yeah, read it. Let me know what you think.