In the absence of anything better:

I wrote a big blog post review and then realised the book I’m reviewing isn’t published until 2011 and it seems pointlessly premature to post. So, in the absence of anything better, I have decided to do one of those hahait’ssofunnyhowpeoplefindmyblog posts. I always like them. Which sounds sarcastic but isn’t – I really always enjoy them.

So, allow me to present in random order: –
“Louise Wener naked”  no explanation necessary.
“dirty tamil stories” which regularly appears!
“utterly alone” – how heartbreaking is that?
“pumpkins jim martin” is a perennial favourite as I once wrote a blog that mentioned the ex FNM axeman’s new life growing giant pumpkins and now seem to be a favourite stop off point for those who wish to do the same – hence the many variations of “world class giant pumpkins”.
“anal bashing” !
My number one search is apparently “Sarah Crowley” not sure who she is!  (Should I be worried that Sara Crowley is about 20 in the most popular searches this last 4 weeks. Hmm.)
“anti pickel” which I have no clue about.

The rest are all fairly standard.

In other news we now have a kitty. She’s a rescue cat, two years old and her name is Princess. I have now christened her Princess Pancake and kinda dropped the Princess bit. So, looky looky here’s my cat and everyone likes cat pics right?

She’s fitting in nicely with what I do – just looking at the computer screen and not writing.

5 thoughts on “In the absence of anything better:”

  1. Princess Pancake looks beatiful. I suspect she is sitting on the chair while trying to decide whether the computer is safe. Once that's established she'll go and sit on it. Or pounce on your fingers while you type or use the mouse. Enjoy your lovely cat.

  2. What a gorgeous cat, Sarah (joking, Sara, joking!).The mind doesn't half boggle at the things people search for. My all time fave is 'laryngitis canary' for which I can offer absolutely no explain at all.N

  3. She is rather cool, Jenn. She's not allowed out yet tho' and seems to be a little restless. Our fingers seem to be enticing meat!Pierre – Thank you. She hasn't sat on the computer yet but she did frighten me with a stealth attack on my hand which I had foolishly placed on the back of the sofa! Rachel – She's named for Breece D'J Pancake who not only wrote AMAZING stories but also had the best name ever! And ooh, I've never been praised for my housekeeping before!Nick – haha! 😉 I wonder how they found you with that? Strange indeed.

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