Catch up (or at least hello)

I’ve not had much to say lately. It’s school summer holidays so my days are busy with the boys. I’m still ill with my pyoderma gangrenosum, and a chest and ear infection which has lasted 5 weeks so far. (I’m waiting for yet more blood test results/autoimmune profile etc.) I’ve been taking large amounts of steroids and antibiotics, I think they rather drag one down. Off everything for the moment, except some steroid cream, and I’m hoping to shake the infection, start eating more healthily, take vits, maybe slowly exercise again. Gotta keep moving forwards.

I haven’t been writing.

What I have been doing is reading. Yay for words!

I’m now a reader for PANK, which you may recall is one of my favourite magazines. I’ve been finding it utterly fascinating being on the other side of submissions and noticing some of the recurrent themes and images. It’s so cool when you read a story or poem that dazzles. And it makes me feel that in some teeny (very teeny) way I’m putting a little (very little) back into the lit community.

I returned to work yesterday after 4 weeks absence. I was feeling rather shaky but ooh, it was lovely to be back. And there were some delicious books waiting for me. Yippee! Thank you to Joe for my copy of the very enticing Bristol Short Story prize Anthology (Volume 3). We haven’t yet got copies in store but they are on order. Plus I have a couple of proofs of books that I really want to read. Result.

Speaking of new publications, edition 1 of Fractured West is now available and looks super scrummy.

6 thoughts on “Catch up (or at least hello)”

  1. So glad to hear you are on the path to mending and are back to the books. That's excellent about PANK, what a fabulous role, I think they are one of the best lit mags out there. Love them. And they give back so much to their writers too, always mentioning nice stuff on their blog. How do they find the time? Enjoy it, it is fantastic when you start reading something and you just know you're going to love it, that fluttering excitement in the pit of your stomach!

  2. Off to have me a nosy at Fractured West, but mostly just wanted to send you GET BETTER hugs and vibes and whatnot – I know how horrid being on strong anti-biotics is and I wouldn't wish it on anyone nice. Let alone you. So. Hugs.And CONGRATS! on the Pank gig – that's all kinds of awesome!Nik X

  3. Aha! I saw your name on PANK – I thought it meant you enjoyed reading PANK – as a fan!! How daft can I be? Don't answer that!Very cool thing to be doing!Keep on moving forward!

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