Check out "my" short story display case…

I thought it was time for another look at Brighton Waterstone’s short story display case. If this works I think you should be able to click the pic and see it in giant format. Some very good books in there.

From the top we have The Cost of Living by Mavis Gallant, The United States of McSweeney’s(delicious as all McSweeney’s publications are) and of course Raymond Carver’s Beginners.

You’ll not be surprised to see Janice Galloway’s Collected Stories or The Collected Stories of Lorrie Moore and then I have one of my favourites of this year, Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout next to Sylvia Plath’s Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams (gosh, I love that cover so much.)

On the next shelf down we have the Bristol Short Story Prize anthology 2009, Gentleman’s Relish by Patrick Gale, Miranda July’s No One Belongs Here More Than You, Nuala Ni Chonchuir’s excellent Nude.

Phew – this link love takes it out of a gal.

Right, next we have a new one (spotted by my lovely colleague Eddie) Super Girl by Ruth Thomas, one regular readers of this blog will know very well – Vanessa Gebbie’s superb Words From a Glass Bubble, A L Kennedy’s What Becomes
and Kelly Link’s Pretty Monsters (pretty cover too!)

Crikey, so many short story books, so many links! Onto the final shelf: Yiyun Li A Thousand Years of Good Prayers is next to Helen Simpsons Hey yeah Right Get a Life (a fab collection to change the mind of anyone who thinks women’s domesticity can’t be the stuff of brilliant literature.) Then there is David Constantine The Shieling, and finally The Childrens’ Hours edited by Zimler and Sekulovic.

Cool stuff huh?

And I have a teaser for you. There is a new display case on the fiction floor of Waterstone’s Brighton. I am running it with Eddie and we have both chosen books for it. I think some of you will really like it! Anyone want to take a guess as to what its theme is?

12 thoughts on “Check out "my" short story display case…”

  1. Good job, Sara. A little biased towards female authors (*ducks*), but still a good selection.My guess for your new shelf is books from small or independent publishers.

  2. They look so lovely together, it would be a shame to separate them, oh well, you can never have too many short stories!Novels by short fiction writers for your new display 😉

  3. Nuala – you are so welcome, Nude is an excellent book.You guess WRONG tho!Bob – Haha, I hadn't noticed the gender split, it is what it is, good books go in there, male or female, there's no agenda. (Tho, yeah, my favourite short story writers are women.)You guess WRONG!Rachel – they do look good don't they? And whoops, you guess WRONG!

  4. Oooh, it looks yummy! I have to say that Bath Waterstone's has a lovely short story section too, I was most impressed. No, they didn't have me in there, but I went to chat to them and they were extremely friendly and nice.

  5. Wonderful, Sara! Thank you sooooooooo much for putting me next to so many brilliant and tingly writers. Cor. Whats on the new shelves. I think Bob's right. Books by great indies?

  6. Just come over from Vanessa's blog – I've really enjoyed browsing and buying from this display over the last few months, assuming it was a temporary thing. Sounds like it's not !! So thanks for putting it together.

  7. Nik – very glad to make you happy!Tania – hurray! And if you are wondering why no White Road in the display case, well, my big clue as to what the new case is that you are in there instead!Vanessa – you are a wonderful writer and I am glad to be able to help other people discover you! Annie – I'm glad you have enjoyed the display. It has been there for quite some time now and there are no plans to change it at present. I freshen it up regularly so hope you will continue to find new, interesting books to buy. Thanks!

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