Being proud

Brighton is a unique place and I am so glad that I get to regularly go there and work in the coolest bookshop in the country. Pride took place yesterday and Waterstone's had a rather eye-catching window display that I thought I'd share with you:Missing from the pic are the gorgeous rainbow paper chains that... Continue Reading →

4 things

I read my new story - "The Mothers" - at Sparks and it is now available to read here. I am chuffed to have a story in the second issue of Fractured West. It's a delicious publication - cute but with bite.This is how gorgeous my short story case at Brighton Waterstone's looks:And this is what's in my... Continue Reading →

"My" short story display case!

I thought it'd be cool to show you a recent photo from the short story display case at work. There seems to have been a sudden flurry of very good short story collections being published. Hurray! Starting from the top we have Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie "The Thing Around Your Neck", "Midsummer Nights" edited by Jeanette... Continue Reading →

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