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I have a new blog theme and I really like it. (If you’re reading this in a reader please click thru and admire the shiny new!) Hurray. However, being a techy doofus I thought I had saved all my links but hadn’t, so if you were there and aren’t now could you let me know please? I’ve lost all my fiction links too but I think that’ll have to wait for tomorrow as I am full of Zzzz.


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  1. I'm loving the new interior 🙂

  2. Very bewitching! Love it – but where's your telly head – that was ace!

  3. Ooo, love it! You look very elegant as you sit and type.

  4. I like the new theme! The links are all safe on googles cached version of the page. Twitter-DM me if you have any trouble grabbing them. James

  5. Ooh, I really like the new look. Great color and crispness!

  6. I like! Especially those martinis!

  7. It looks fantastic, and well done for restoring the cool bananas. You're now officially a Techy, like it or not.Cheers,Bob

  8. Sleek, Sara. Love it. Congrats.

  9. I'm sure your head in the telly wasn't there last time I commented…curious!

  10. Hurray! All your responses seem good and positive so that's cool. Funny how attached I had become to the old layout but I'm glad I have freshened up.Rachel, I was still toying with the layout so telly me was in, out, in and now out again! Sorry for confusion.James – Brilliant plan, thanks, it wouldn't have occurred to me at all.


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