Kathy Fish, Wigleaf, Swicks Rule

I read Swicks Rule by Kathy Fish over at Wigleaf today. Loved it. I have read a fair few stories by Kathy Fish, and they each have an indefinable something about them that makes me really enjoy. I’m gonna use a very crap analogy now, sorry, but if the story is a car, then Ms Fish is the smoothest, safest, most confident driver you have ever had.

Pondering more on why I rate this flash so highly, I think it’s because it is a perfect example of showing not telling, and it’s in the tiny details. I came away from it thinking, wow, now that’s how to tell a story.

So, um, yeah, read it. Let me know what you think.

4 thoughts on “Kathy Fish, Wigleaf, Swicks Rule”

  1. Yeah, that’s a good one. A flock of observations, each one revealing something small but telling and contributing to the overall picture. Reading it is like someone opening a tin of secrets and letting you peek inside.Thanks for the link. I’ll have to look out for more of Kathy’s writing.Cheers,Bob

  2. First read of this I just sort shrugged and thought, ok.So I left it and came back fresh another day and read it again… and it was brilliant… I loved it and got the huge ache in it… yes a slow burner but what a wonderful heat.And this is a flash that feels whole. I am not, at the end of this, thinking: I want the whole story. It is all there. I don’t see many flashes that I can say that about. Maybe it’s the way I read flashes… wanting them to be flashy enough to make me reread them… I might have learned something here.Thanks SaraD

  3. Thanks for pointing me to this, Sara. It’s excellent. What a fabulous first line! It grabs you and doesn’t let you go, every now and again she drops in something odd and compelling – narwhals, Gigi Gran etc… – and keeps you hooked right until the end. As Douglas says, it’s whole, complete. I love flash.

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