Bit o’ nothing really

I haven’t updated here recently. I think I am in a bit of a funk. I only just thought of that word “funk” but it seems to fit perfectly with my mood.

Random then:

I miss Matt, and I try not to notice just how much because it rips me to pieces. So I think a Matt thought, and I try to move away from it quickly.

I wrote a flash for a weekly thingy at the Fiction Workhouse. I am quite keen on it, but nobody else is.

I have had a sort of viral something since Christmas. It doesn’t ever quite evolve, but I am constantly tired, and ears pop in and out with swallowing. I have no energy.

I am re-reading Kate Pullinger’s guide on how to write fiction (given away with the Guardian last year) and it is so superb. I feel as if I have turned the key in my car, and I am gently revving the engine. I am going to finish the novel this year.

I just read Kate Atkinson’s “When will there be good news?” and enjoyed it. I was disappointed with her last novel, but this was a page turner that I loved reading. The character’s of Reggie and Dr Hunter are lovely, and I was rooting for them all the way. Occasionally I was surprised by how clunky a sentence was, but mainly I was in that gorgeous fictive dream. She makes it seem easy to plot juggle and switch perspective. I know it is not.

I wish I was full of energy. I have a permanent health problem anyway, so always operate from a below average start point, when a virus comes along it really does for me. I hope to be back at it soon.

7 thoughts on “Bit o’ nothing really”

  1. Sorry to hear you are feeling crappy, am always open to talking about health issues off-blog if you want to. I’ve been whinging enough about my own… Gently revving sounds good, looking forward to hearing more about the novel as it progresses.

  2. Sorry, Sara, that you are feeling so down below par… As for your posted flash in FW… and I don’t know which it might be… never can guess these things… well I think Valerie there said it… eleven up this week and such a strong showing from everyone. If it ‘thrills’ you, then it is doing what it needs to… and you never know what the voting will show.And, all that aside, there’s now three people here, in the ether-real world, wishing you well and sending you warm thoughts… Best alwaysD

  3. Thanks Nik, Tania, Douglas. Kind of you.Oh and Douglas, I notice how often I say something and it is perhaps read in a different way to how I intended. My comment about FW and my flash was actually meant in a positive way, and with a bit of a smile. I was pleased to have written what i did, tho’ I acknowledge it is a start and not a polished piece. That’s what this is for to me, a chance to create something from nothing. The votes are just fun, and the comments are helpful guides. My saying no one else liked it was just my humour, my way. In fact at the time of writing the blog I think I’d only had 2 comments. Don’t mean to cause concern!(Tho’ I have had more comments now, and actually, erm, nobody does like it!) ; )

  4. If it is of any use… I have posted at least one flash up this week (maybe more) and you have hated at least one of ’em (and maybe more)!!!Yep. That’s what I think. Just fun to do and the voting nothing serious. The comments just to see if anything in the piece chimes at all.:-)D

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