Subbing frenzy (aka~ well, I sent a few flashes out.)

I am so shit at subbing. Once in a while I’ll sit down and really devote time to the process, but mostly I just whine about being rejected, and totally ignore the “get it back out there” advice of writing pals. It’s like I’ll give it one shot, and if someone doesn’t fall on it and say yes, I don’t quite love it enough any more. I do have one story that I have sent out 8 times. That’s a major amount of attempts for me. But I have a rather rare to me self confidence about it. I think it is good, dammit. It’s come close a couple of times. I have had an editor ask me to change it a bit, and I refused, because I am CONVINCED that it is good as is. I had another Ed say that they nearly published it but at the very last minute they didn’t. No reason. Weird. Anyway, I sent it back out today, this time to a female editor, because it suddenly struck me that maybe that would help.

All the place I sent to today are zines that I read and consider chock full of good quality writing. And, I didn’t even sim sub. Ah, the heady feeling of hope mixes with the blah inevitability of rejection. I’ll get used to it eventually. Perhaps.

5 thoughts on “Subbing frenzy (aka~ well, I sent a few flashes out.)”

  1. I don’t think you get used to it. I think it is okay not to get used to it. I have a spreadsheet for my subs. The rejections aren’t as bad as the no replies. I think that is plain cheeky.Good luck!

  2. I was hoping I’d get so used to the rejections that it’d stop pissing me the fuck off. But I think you’re right, a rejection os a rejection, it’s never going to feel good. I have had 2 back already. Both with personal notes, but still no. Sigh.Jenn: Spreadsheet sounds very organised. I do have a subs notebook though, and I am going to at least make the effort to sub more this year. It’s hard knowing what fits where though.

  3. I don’t think you ever get used to them, though as you get more I do think you build up a small tolerance. Or maybe you just get used to the feeling (of being pissed the fuck off). And it is difficult knowing what fits where, especially when pieces you think would be perfect for somewhere are rejected. the trick, I think, is to not take it personally and teach yourself to accept that it’s always down to an editor’s opinion. Can’t please everyone! And I’d strongly suggest (and I know you’ll have heard this many times before, so sorry!) that when you get something back, give it a read, see if you can improve it, and get it back out there. Being rejected certainly doesn’t make you a bad writer, it just means that what you sent to a particular mag wasn’t wanted.I’m totally with Jenn on the spreadsheet and on the never getting a decision – that is very rude. And silly, because mags need writers!Thus concludes my burble. ;)Good luck with the subs!Nik

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