blah to the max

I feel blah.

I feel a little as if I want to hibernate and not mix with people, and not sub work, and not talk much, and not put myself “out there” for a while. I think it would be good to settle on the sofa and read some absorbing books. I would like to not worry about deadlines and writing the novel. I bought wii fit on Friday, i’d like to read, and write for pleasure (not to deadlines or for subbing,) and go on the wii fit, and talk to my lovely boys.

I’m on the Waterstone’s New Voices committee or whatever they call it, and I got sent a bunch of books today. I looked them over and it seems I got a couple of cool ones. Last year I think I must have got the dregs because there was nothing I liked at all.

I miss Matt.
So much.

If you go on wikipedia there’s a section of “recent deaths”. I started scouring the ages of people who died this month, looking at their ages, hoping everyone was way older than me.

7 thoughts on “blah to the max”

  1. Thanks pierre. Just one of those days I suppose. I’ll feel better in the morning hopefully. I do miss Matt so much though, he was a very rare sort of friend.

  2. Awwww. If you feel like snuggling up, or wii-ing, then you should do it and give yourself a much needed break. Take care of yourself missus, you’ve been through a very tough time.

  3. As it's now 24 hours later I hope you are feeling a bit better. I am sorry that your blogging friends can't give you real hugs or practical help. I went into an unnamed bookshop today and really missed your short story display, and all the other things I saw on the Fiction floor of your branch, and near the up staircase (the Hedgehog book, for example).Do go on and talk to your boys, and use the wii fit (if you can separate them from whatever wii thing they're doing).I think you should stay away from the "recent deaths" section. Having said that, when I was in London recently, I picked up a copy of the American can magazine Road & Track, and found that another motoring journalist I used to read in the sixties has died (the third one this year).Please look after yourself.

  4. Sara, I really feel for you. I lost several friends, two in terror attacks, another to cancer, and none of them were close friends but I was devastated so I can only imagine how you are feeling. Do what you need to do, miss Matt, keep missing Matt. And read for pleasure, do whatever you can for pleasure. And please keep telling us about Matt, I want to know more.Lots of love.

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