The genius of subconscious creativity!

I had a dream that Helen Simpson read my novel. I was nervous waiting to hear what she thought of it, I knew that it wasn’t right. She said that she wondered if I would consider changing something. I said yes, I would. She then told me something that I knew was the answer to any problems I have been having with the novel. It was the key to everything, it was simple, it would be utterly effective. I was excited, grateful and delighted.

When I woke up I knew that my subconscious had been chewing over my novel, I scrambled to locate the answer. I had held on to it throughout the dream, scared to forget it. Aha! I remembered.

In my dream, Helen Simpson advised me to make each character show their grief by wearing thin, tall, pastel coloured hats.

Super – that should sort it!

8 thoughts on “The genius of subconscious creativity!”

  1. Hahaha! That has made me laugh a lot.We should introduce our subconsciouseseses. Mine once made me spend the night chasing a boy with a paper machier head round a factory that was actually a boat. The boy was called Adam and his paper machier head was ENORMOUS. It still makes me laugh just thinking about it.

  2. Chelsey – I am going to take V’s advice and flash it, you should do the same with your machier headed boy. (You hadn’t just seen Frank Sidebottom had you?)

  3. Who the hell is Frank Sidebottom? Is he a friend of Pete Postlethwaite?And I have started writing about Adam. I just go off into fits of giggles the whole time. I wonder if any of the laughies will translate to those who haven’t met him…

  4. Ha! I’ve just seen him. I daren’t look at him again though in case he takes Adam away!Flash unfinished, might post anyway. Am useless at the moment…

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