Making a small commitment

I know what my novel is. I have the synopsis, I know the story, know the main characters, I know the beginning, middle and end. But I have not been writing it. There is something that really intimidates me about attempting to sustain my fiction over the course of many thousands of words. In mad reversal I have been writing shorter fictions, and fretting.


In a genius move I have made a commitment with Jo Horsman to write 300 words a day. 300! Pah! That’s super easy. No more worrying about the novel, I am approaching it in tiny bite sized chunks. I will write at least 300 words a day for the duration of the summer holidays. I will not edit and frantically shine my prose, I will push on in baby steps. When the twins go back to school in September I will read what I have done. I hope I will find some words to be kept. I will keep on pushing forwards.

The block I had on writing it is gone. Ha!

9 thoughts on “Making a small commitment”

  1. Brilliant idea, Sara. I am finding it really helpful to have a “writing buddy” to share goals with, to spur me on, to say, “Hey, did you do…. this week?” Just thinking about what my goals are at the beginning of each week makes it all manageable, and having it there, written down, is part of getting it done. 300 words – no problem at all. Don’t even have to be 300 “good” words! I tried NanoWrimo but 1000 words a day was way to much for a flash writer such as myself. Looking forward to hearing how you both get on. Happy writing!T

  2. it is a great feeling. I took myself off to a wonderful estate yesterday to write and soak up the vibe. Yes, mooching around in the sun for six hours – research, I tell you.Good on you, Sara.

  3. Thanks all. I was sooooo stuck, for soooo long. I am not convinced that this writing is “good”, but it has to be better than not writing.

  4. That’s a great goal. Mind if I join you in it? I was doing very well with my 500-a-day goal up until a few weeks ago, and then I slid off the tracks.Time to get back in gear before that MA starts in September..

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