Making a small commitment

I know what my novel is. I have the synopsis, I know the story, know the main characters, I know the beginning, middle and end. But I have not been writing it. There is something that really intimidates me about attempting to sustain my fiction over the course of many thousands of words. In mad reversal I have been writing shorter fictions, and fretting.


In a genius move I have made a commitment with Jo Horsman to write 300 words a day. 300! Pah! That’s super easy. No more worrying about the novel, I am approaching it in tiny bite sized chunks. I will write at least 300 words a day for the duration of the summer holidays. I will not edit and frantically shine my prose, I will push on in baby steps. When the twins go back to school in September I will read what I have done. I hope I will find some words to be kept. I will keep on pushing forwards.

The block I had on writing it is gone. Ha!