Erm, me, at Sparks, reading out loud, into a microphone, sounding strange

Hmmm. Weird one this. Sparks was filmed, and videos of some readers are now up at Beat the Dust.

Mine is here

Very strange to look at myself doing that. It doesn’t seem to be me, it does not sound like me. It seems like a jolly, fat lady channelling Joyce Grenfell has got up on stage wearing my clothes, and ENUNCIATED her way through my story.

The others are far more appealing:

Steve Finbow
Martin Reed
Jo Horsman reading for Anna Britten
Melissa Mann

Brand new Flash Fiction night in Brighton

Jo Horsman is setting up a new Flash Fiction evening, “Sparks”, at Upstairs at Three and Ten in Brighton.

The very first event will take place on October 14th. I will be there, attempting to read a tiny flash that made me bawl when I wrote it, so lots of fun eh?

Jo is looking for submissions from people who are available to read on the night. She invites subs of 500 words or less, on any theme. Please send to :
jo horsman@hot (remove the spaces)
for her consideration.

Or, if you wish to attend, tickets will be available from Other Place Productions nearer the time, at a cost of £5. Places are limited, as this very cool venue has a limited capacity of 46. (It is in a room above a good pub, and drinks can be taken into the venue. Hurray. I may need several!)

Making a small commitment

I know what my novel is. I have the synopsis, I know the story, know the main characters, I know the beginning, middle and end. But I have not been writing it. There is something that really intimidates me about attempting to sustain my fiction over the course of many thousands of words. In mad reversal I have been writing shorter fictions, and fretting.


In a genius move I have made a commitment with Jo Horsman to write 300 words a day. 300! Pah! That’s super easy. No more worrying about the novel, I am approaching it in tiny bite sized chunks. I will write at least 300 words a day for the duration of the summer holidays. I will not edit and frantically shine my prose, I will push on in baby steps. When the twins go back to school in September I will read what I have done. I hope I will find some words to be kept. I will keep on pushing forwards.

The block I had on writing it is gone. Ha!

Something sparky (ho ho ho)

I’m far too moany about the books and stories that I read. I always hope to find good things though. ( I do start from a point of optimism, but mainly I am disappointed.) I have worked with Jo Horsman at the Fiction Workhouse, and am delighted to see her rather wonderful story “Sparks”  has just been published at Red Peter

Guaranteed not to disappoint!