Awesome new literary journal (with me in) – CEllA’S Round Trip

Today sees the launch of a fantastic new literary and visionary journal.  CEllA’S Round Trip has been created and edited by Rachel Hartley-Smith. Please check it out, I know that you’ll be blown away by the visuals and the writing.

It includes two stories by me. Hurrah! 
Fire Words and Steak and Beer – (Steak and Beer is my attempt at a Bukowski pastiche!)
It is a real delight to be in such a stunning journal. 

10 thoughts on “Awesome new literary journal (with me in) – CEllA’S Round Trip”

  1. It is a STUNNING journal, I love how it’s done, and your stories are wonderful. Bleak, sad, twisting inside, short, sharp. Congratulations. And congrats and welcome to Cella’s Round Trip, a worthy new addition to the scene.T

  2. Tania – thank you for your lovely comments about my stories. And yes, isn’t it a gorgeous journal? I know that much care and love has been put into it, and think that it shows.bob – thank you kindly. And yes, poor Cora!

  3. Good work Sara, I love Steak and Beer, especially the line about imagining her boss up against her in the stock cupboard followed by “I tell them I’m a poet.”Brilliant.

  4. Ah, shucks, Sara – Thanks for the links and the freedom to witness the lovely comments. 🙂 It was a whole lot of work, but, for writers like you, I was privileged.

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