New Cella’s Round Trip

Issue number two of the rather wonderful CRT is now up This edition includes “Slippery” from one of my favourite flashers Frances Gapper, and all fictions are accompanied by spot on visuals. Good, good stuff.

P.S I am so jealous. I wish I’d got to go to AWP and hang out with the cool kids (Rachel, Sean, Barry…) Sulk.

Awesome new literary journal (with me in) – CEllA’S Round Trip

Today sees the launch of a fantastic new literary and visionary journal.  CEllA’S Round Trip has been created and edited by Rachel Hartley-Smith. Please check it out, I know that you’ll be blown away by the visuals and the writing.

It includes two stories by me. Hurrah! 
Fire Words and Steak and Beer – (Steak and Beer is my attempt at a Bukowski pastiche!)
It is a real delight to be in such a stunning journal. 

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