I wrote "A realistic and informative piece"

There is a review of Writer’s Market UK 2009 at The Crafty Writer
and in it they say some good things and mention me. Hurrah. Although they call me a not-yet-published person, I assume because I was short listed for the Not Yet Published Award but it made me feel a bit, hmmm, well, I do have some things published actually mumble, mumble…

Anyway, you should all buy Writer’s Market Uk 2009 because it is jolly useful and I am in it.

3 thoughts on “I wrote "A realistic and informative piece"”

  1. Hi Sara. It’s Fiona from http://www.thecraftywriter.com I wrote the review on Writers’ Market and your ‘Realistic and informative piece’. I didn’t mean to be trite by describing you as a yet-unpublished author, that’s just the impression I got from your article. Sorry 😦 It really was an excellent piece and one that will encourage many other writers.

  2. Hi Fiona, and thanks for dropping by. Oh, I didn’t think you were being trite, it’s a natural assumption to make of someone shortlisted in the Not Yet Published Award! They meant not published in book form, and I choose to be thrilled about my online publications and count them. Every tiny success in a world of rejections is balm!Thanks for the review, I was really chuffed that you thought my piece good!

  3. Thanks Sara. I didn’t want to offend. I get really irritated when people have scales of what it means to be published too. I have a pal in the US who only writes for online romance sites. She’s an excellent writer, far better than many who make it into the dead tree publishing industry!

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