Matt loved William Burroughs. Matt loved cut ups. I don’t really understand either. Matt was hugely enthusiastic about Burroughs, and frequently referenced him. Rubbishly I have never read him myself so pretty much all I know is what Matt has shared with me. Matt also used cut ups throughout his life, musically (literally splicing tape), creatively…I’m not sure exactly.

Anyhow, I haven’t told anyone at work about Matt, I’m too wobbly, too likely to dissolve, so I just go in and get on. Yesterday my colleague shoved a book in front of my face and said “It’s Burroughs, it’s cut ups,” or some such, and then he said “It’s Matt isn’t it, look, it’s Matt” which was really the most bizarre thing. I think I must have looked a bit stupid, he then elaborated “The cover was all shiny, now it’s matte.” 

3 thoughts on “Weird…”

  1. Oh dear, you poor thing. I do feel very sad for you, even though I haven’t known how to express it (hence the lack of comments). Many virtual hugs, Sara.

  2. However painful,I look at it somehow differently,as proof of something/somebody still around,always around.I posted some new info in my own blog regarding Matt.Good to know he was so respected musically.Regards.

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