Blogging etiquette.

(This may sound snarky, but truly it’s not meant to be, I am genuinely interested to know what you think.)

If you link to someone on your blog do you expect them to reciprocate? Or is it just a matter that you link to the blogs that interest you and may interest others? If someone says they have linked to you are you supposed to link back? Why would you not link back, would it be because you disliked the blog and so therefore it is a bloggy insult? Is it OK to just link without telling?
Do you prune your links and weed out the ones that no longer seem to be updated or that you don’t care for? Do you get pissed at people for breaking blog etiquette?

I sound a wee bit odd I think, but someone has got cross with me…

12 thoughts on “Blogging etiquette.”

  1. I don’t think you have to reciprocate, although it’s nice if someone you link to links back to you. Depends who it is though… I’ve been thinking about this lately, as I have links to loads of blogs that haven’t been updated in way more than 6 months, but I can’t be bothered asking ‘is it OK if I delete you?’ Seems pointless though…

  2. You say “it’s nice if someone you link to links back to you.” and I think, yeah, of course. But I link to a few people who don’t link back to me, and now I’m thinking hmmm, why don’t they link back when I’ve not thought about it before. Bah! Something else to get irritated by! Hee hee.I wouldn’t ask if it’s ok to delete, I am far more ruthless than that, I don’t want dead links clogging up my list.

  3. Good question! Well, I have some blogs linked to mine that don’t link back at me, for some reason. I guess there are three real reasons to that: one, they just dislike my blog to death, think it’s corny or non-interesting; or, they think they are far superior to link personal blogs or blogs that don’t quite cover what they write on their own (the mirror effect); OR, they simply don’t know how to insert links! :pAs far as I’m concerned I insert links on my blog of the blogs that I’ve truly enjoyed reading and it’s an easier way of getting back at them (I’m terrible at memorizing some kinds of information, like links). And most of the times I tell the person that I’ve linked them, as an “hey, I really liked your blog!”. On the blogs I delete: some blogs seem to really go down the drain; people stop updating them or something like that, and I just wait a few months to remove them. Justlikethat :Dp.s. I’ve noticed you linked my blog! Was it out of blog-etiquette? hehe

  4. goncalo viega I too sometimes link to blogs just to make it easy for me to access them without searching, but I don’t mention…shit, am I breaking blog etiquette?Hee hee…we should make a new phrase for this…blogiquette perhaps?

  5. I don’t tell people if I’ve linked to their blog, and I don’t think you have to reciprocate. My own links list is pretty tiny as I need to keep the widgets to a minimum to give room for my ever-growing ‘Author Index’ and no insult or offence is intended by exclusion therefrom. I visit plenty of blogs that I don’t link to.I have however been removed from someone’s blog links just today. I think this was because they sent me a book to review and I read it and emailed them to say it wasn’t my cup of tea so I’d rather not review it than post a negative review. At least that’s the only reason I can think of. It doesn’t bother me too much as I don’t get many hits anyway (my blog not really being a proper blog) and most are through search results rather than links.

  6. Hee hee steerforth. I imagined that you were too busy pondering important matters to bother linking to anyone! Actually if it’s ok I shall link to you, as I do enjoy reading your blog? I won’t sulk if you don’t reciprocate, but if you wish to learn how, I am happy to advise you!

  7. At the top right hand of your blog you should see your sign in, an option to click for a new post, then customise and sign out/in. Click on customise and then “Add a page element”.You then click on Link list, add to blog, give it the title you choose (ie links) add the url of the site you wish to link to and then give that its title too.Taa daa!Hope that makes sense?

  8. There’s no need to lose your stat counter at all. Mine is at the bottom of my page but you can place it where you like. Just click on customise again and add a page element, then the add html/java option, drop your stat code in there and that’s it.

  9. Hi Sara,Usually I don’t expect reciprocation from others, as I try to link to blogs/pages that are better than mine. So I theorise that if they are working on the same principles then they are unlikely to link back!

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