Erm, me, at Sparks, reading out loud, into a microphone, sounding strange

Hmmm. Weird one this. Sparks was filmed, and videos of some readers are now up at Beat the Dust.

Mine is here

Very strange to look at myself doing that. It doesn’t seem to be me, it does not sound like me. It seems like a jolly, fat lady channelling Joyce Grenfell has got up on stage wearing my clothes, and ENUNCIATED her way through my story.

The others are far more appealing:

Steve Finbow
Martin Reed
Jo Horsman reading for Anna Britten
Melissa Mann

This is happening tonight:

My SYNT story “My make-do guy” is being read by lovely Jo Horsman. There were a variety of reasons why I couldn’t make it tonight, but Jo very kindly offered to step in and read for me, and Steve Finbow very kindly agreed that she could.

It should be a cool night and I hope all concerned enjoy it.

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