I know I have been super crappy at updating lately, but dear blog, it’s not personal, everything has been on hold. It’s just one of those times when things collide: ill health, family needs, holidays, and things to do, always things to do.

It has been pretty gloomy actually, but today the sun shone a little, I think Spring is on its way. I have been on a mad subbing frenzy (well, mad for me who rarely subs) and sent off 5 things in the last couple of days, so fingers crossed.
In other news:
The Apprentice started last night. Now it is usually my telly highlight of the year, and it did not disappoint at all. It was all about Alex’s pretty lips, silly old De Lacey-Brown and his patronising ways, and Raef, whose words are tools, and whose hair is odd. Oh, and the wonderfully steely Margaret and Nick.
Didn’t all the blue eyes look extra blue? Odd. Anyway, I have even gone so far as to add the dubious facebook application, so if anyone wants to be hired by me just give me a shout!

Exciting news about the story that I bought for a packet of hula hoops…PLUS title revealed at last!

So, to recap:
Chris Killen
offered a story for sale, in return he wanted a bag of hula hoops. I said I would buy the story, and he emailed it to me. I sent him 2 bags of hula hoops and he has posted a picture of them on his excellent blog

He suggested that as I am now the owner of the story I should submit it somewhere, which I did. I sent it to The Pygmy Giant
and they liked it. I explained to them that the story was not written by me, but that it is mine. (I was a little concerned that they may think that I was trying to pass somebody else’s work off as my own.)

Anyway, the story has been published today, so do hurry over and read ‘my’ story, written by Chris Killen.
The title is:
One day I will move to the seaside and it will be good, and I will sit down by the shore and rest my head on something and feel peaceful, and go to sleep listening to the sound of the sea, and maybe never wake up

I just bought a story!

I recently discovered a blog called ‘Day of moustaches’

which is wonderful. Everyone blahs on about wanting to find fresh new writing, and there are a heck of a lot of writers out and about, all trying to write in a unique voice. Too many people are identikit though, and it is rare to read words that excite or inspire. More often than not it’s all same old same old. (I include myself in that. I strive to dig deeper, think sideways, reach for the depths etc. but often feel underwhelmed with what I come up with.) Chris Killen not only has talent, but he also has an indefinable something special, a fascinating way of looking at things.

Anyway, on his blog post the other day he said he was prepared to sell a story for a bag of hula hoops. It seemed like a bargain to me so I said yes, sure, I’ll buy one. I am now the happy owner of a short story called;

Ah, actually, you may have to wait for the title. I’ll let you know in a while, but be prepared, because the title is DELICIOUS and FANTASTIC.

Ooh, look at this…

Cool bananas eh? I have apparently been awarded this Roar For Powerful Words Lion. Cheers Vanessa.
It is an idea set up here:

I am supposed to tell you three things that I believe make writing good and powerful, and then I nominate my own recipients of the award.

1. Truth.
I believe that when writing is honest it shows. I read somewhere recently that fiction is the art of telling truth in an entertaining way.

2. Passion.
When someone cares that shows too.

3. Words.
The larger ones vocabulary the easier it is to say exactly what you mean. That’s why Stephen Fry will always be far more articulate than me.

Five people I award this to:
John Self at Asylum
Mark Farley at Bookseller to the stars.
Kellie at The book of Kellies
Kirsty at other stories
Steven at Some other life, cold and complicated

This is how it goes…

This writing I do is not all I am, it is a massive part of me, and without it I feel wrong, but it is not all. I have children, a husband, work, parents, friends, relatives. There are many demands on my time and I squish the writing into spaces in-between. Sometimes the spaces are wide and deep, and I can immerse myself in words, communicating, learning, progressing. Other times the spaces are almost too wee. For the last week or so I haven’t found any space at all. Then I lose my rhythm, and my words seem frozen. I have to begin again at chipping away.

So yeah, lengthy way of saying hi, I haven’t been around.

Oh, and I haven’t been around the blogs either, which has made me realise how addicted to this internet world I am!

Argh pc fucksy grr ness etcetera.

My pc is fucksy. It is full of wrongness. I haven’t posted much anywhere, haven’t been able to comment on my favourite blogs and so on, because at any time, without warning, crash, it chucks me off, it deletes my email/post/whatever.
Just thought I should say so…
Of course this happens when I am supposed to be really concentrating on my attempted entry to the NYP Bookseller comp. Le sigh. I can’t write direct to pc in case it snaffles it, instead I am scrawling longhand on various ripped out bits of paper, and trying to convince myself that somehow they will come together and become a cohesive and wonderful whole.
(I know, I could use any one of my gazillion notebooks, but when i sit with a book open it seems to scare my words away. I have to wait for them to rush into my head and trap them like a scurrying spider, quickly, plop, on any old paper to hand.)

Oh dear, I fear I’m writing utter shite.

Blogging etiquette.

(This may sound snarky, but truly it’s not meant to be, I am genuinely interested to know what you think.)

If you link to someone on your blog do you expect them to reciprocate? Or is it just a matter that you link to the blogs that interest you and may interest others? If someone says they have linked to you are you supposed to link back? Why would you not link back, would it be because you disliked the blog and so therefore it is a bloggy insult? Is it OK to just link without telling?
Do you prune your links and weed out the ones that no longer seem to be updated or that you don’t care for? Do you get pissed at people for breaking blog etiquette?

I sound a wee bit odd I think, but someone has got cross with me…

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