I just bought a story!

I recently discovered a blog called ‘Day of moustaches’

which is wonderful. Everyone blahs on about wanting to find fresh new writing, and there are a heck of a lot of writers out and about, all trying to write in a unique voice. Too many people are identikit though, and it is rare to read words that excite or inspire. More often than not it’s all same old same old. (I include myself in that. I strive to dig deeper, think sideways, reach for the depths etc. but often feel underwhelmed with what I come up with.) Chris Killen not only has talent, but he also has an indefinable something special, a fascinating way of looking at things.

Anyway, on his blog post the other day he said he was prepared to sell a story for a bag of hula hoops. It seemed like a bargain to me so I said yes, sure, I’ll buy one. I am now the happy owner of a short story called;

Ah, actually, you may have to wait for the title. I’ll let you know in a while, but be prepared, because the title is DELICIOUS and FANTASTIC.

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