Ooh, look at this…

Cool bananas eh? I have apparently been awarded this Roar For Powerful Words Lion. Cheers Vanessa.
It is an idea set up here:

I am supposed to tell you three things that I believe make writing good and powerful, and then I nominate my own recipients of the award.

1. Truth.
I believe that when writing is honest it shows. I read somewhere recently that fiction is the art of telling truth in an entertaining way.

2. Passion.
When someone cares that shows too.

3. Words.
The larger ones vocabulary the easier it is to say exactly what you mean. That’s why Stephen Fry will always be far more articulate than me.

Five people I award this to:
John Self at Asylum
Mark Farley at Bookseller to the stars.
Kellie at The book of Kellies
Kirsty at other stories
Steven at Some other life, cold and complicated

2 thoughts on “Ooh, look at this…”

  1. Hurray! High praise indeed coming from such an impressive keyboard-masher as yourself. I must say that I do feel a tad undeserving as I am merely a dress-obsessed silly sausage rather than a literary clever clogs, but let me grab that lion before you change your mind. You are teh aceness.

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