Matt Kinnison

It is two years today since Matt died. Crummy kinda day. I send love out to Matt’s friends and family. 
I have a few flash fictions forthcoming in Neon Magazine that I have written in memory of Matt and I had hoped that some magic would come into play and they would be published in time for this ghastly anniversary. They haven’t, and really I’m at a loss for anything new to say. I miss Matt and time passing merely highlights to me how rare and true a friend he was. 

Matt’s small list of impossible things : cheese bow ties, stinging nettles with fingerprints, someone posting Jupiter through your letterbox, 50 year old babies, November being knighted, pudding before main course, tying a knot in tap water etc etc etc.

10 thoughts on “Matt Kinnison”

  1. Feels crass to intrude and then wander away without saying anything, so… just remember all that was wonderful about this wonderful-sounding man, and do not underestimate the power of having a big cry. xxx

  2. Pudding before mains is standard in my house – he sounds like he was an awesome guy. You were lucky to at least have known him. Some people never get a friend like that their entire lives.I'll look out for the flashes.

  3. Hi there, I was just thinking about my old friend Matt & Google led me to your blog. Your list of Matt's impossible things made me laugh. When we were at school we used to pore over his cartoons and discuss in great detail what they should be called. My favourite was the Bolivian demon on a unicycle. Do you think that would qualify for the list of impossible things? Andy W

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