Matt Kinnison

Matt died three years ago today. It seems a long time and no time at all. I have a glass of bubbly wine and I am toasting Matt and all who miss him. His friend Andie posted this track on her facebook page in memory of him – it’s a track that Matt wrote for Cindytalk and, as far as I know, the instrumentation is Matt’s and the vocals are Gordon Sharp’s. (If anyone knows different please let me know.)

2 thoughts on “Matt Kinnison”

  1. It's taken me as long as I have "known" you on blogland; as long as Matt has been dead, to read all that you have written about him and try to get to know who this amazing person was who knocked a hole thorugh you by his passing. And now I feel like everything I know of your shared history is still only the froth on the coffee. Whilst rummaging through your past posts I found one where your kids posted their love for you on their facebook accounts – when they were ten – that really cut me. You keep on keeping on, Sara, and good things do happen.

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