Cindytalk "Hold Everything Dear"

Cindytalk’s new album – Hold Everything Dear – has been released. You can read reviews, and listen to sound clips here.  These are beautiful, shimmering musics – ripe with melancholy and strange other worldliness. Cindytalk is Gordon Sharp, and he has a long and wondrous musical history – (here is his wiki page and here is Cindytalk’s site). My dear, oh so missed friend, Matt Kinnison, contributed to these tracks in his final musical project and the album is dedicated to him, and to John Berger.

This is an album that’s beautiful to have, to hold, to hear. Big thanks to Cinder. It’s a truly special recording and I find myself entranced by the sounds of light smudged with dark, happy spliced with pain, and human hope. I think.

If you wish to purchase it yourself it is available here or at HMV for only £8.99.

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